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Diana Ayton-Shenker will share A New Global Agenda at book events and conferences. Connect with Diana at these venues or contact us to invite her to speak in your community!

2019 EVENTS & Meetings: 

  • International Studies Association, (March, Toronto, ONT)
  • Global Health & Innovation, Yale (April 13-14, New Haven, CT)
  • private gathering, (April 11-12, Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Impact Investment Forum North (Sept., NYC, NY)
  • Family Office Forum West (Oct. 24, Napa, CA)
  • Endowment & Foundation Forum (November 7-8, Boston, MA)

FALL 2018 EVENTS & Meetings:

  • Atlas Corps Fellows Global Leaders Lab, (Sept., Washington, D.C.)
  • Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), (Oct. 28- 31, Paris, France)
  • Social Venture Circle (SVC), (Nov. 1-4, Brooklyn, NY)
  • private November meetings (Monterrey, Mexico; Montreal, Canada)
  • Dartington Learning Lab, (December, Totnes, UK)


Books also available at events, and at professional conferences:

    • International Studies Association, April 3-7, San Francisco
    • Academic Council on UN Studies, July 12-14, Rome, Italy
    • International Political Science Association  Congress, July 21-25 Brisbane, Australia
    • FLACSO-ISA, July 25-27, Quito, Ecuador
    • American Political Science Association, September

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Advance Reviews: 

This book is a remarkable achievement: bold and visionary in its conceptual framework, yet deeply human and engaging in its tone, crafted as an invitation not to strident debate but to honest reflection and committed action. Ayton-Shenker and her contributors have crafted a tool that people – whether they be policymakers, academics, or grassroots activists – can use to forge new thinking on the global challenges we share and the opportunities for change at multiple levels.Shareen Hertel, associate professor of political science and human rights, University of Connecticut; editor, The Journal of Human Rights

A New Global Agenda hits the mark just in time as those who care about the future of the planet reel from the anti-intellectualism and nationalist resurgence of the past 18 months. With insight and passion—but without the unrealistic moralizing that some agenda-setting efforts fall prey to—Diana Ayton-Shenker outlines a practical and navigable course for regaining the initiative from resentful opportunists while paying heed to the lessons of our times. Michael Moran, CEO, Transformative; visiting fellow, Carnegie Corporation of New York; author, “The Reckoning: Debt, Democracry, and the Future of US Power”

Safeguarding and defending the dignity and diversity of the human family and acting, collectively, as stewards for the next generation compels us all to think anew about how progress can be made. We do not need to-do lists; we need practices, strategies, and conversations. This book provides that framework, starts the dialog, and sets priorities. For all of us interested in resilient, inclusive growth and development, this will be an important read.Alix Peterson Zwane, Chief Executive Officer, Global Innovation Fund

A sweeping look at the myriad challenges facing humanity and how people, political actors, and powerful institutions can work together to find solutions to global problems. A New Global Agenda is an important new volume for anyone interested in understanding the importance of international cooperation and multilateralism. The authors’ unique perspectives not only provides a new way for students to think about the vital international problems of our time, but encourages them to look for solutions.Jonathan Cristol, Fellow, World Policy Institute

Ideas of how the world ought to be often lack the concrete steps to realize the underlying vision. A New Global Agenda helps move past this philosophical-practical divide and turn dreams of justice, inclusion, and sustainability into policy realities. Far-reaching and deeply reflective, this thoughtful compendium of innovative thinkers asks the big systemic questions of international affairs without losing sight of people. Moreover, the book itself is a hopeful project in showcasing not only insightful perspectives on global challenges but in recognizing the power of the reader—the book does not make sanctimonious, monolithic claims of truth, rather it problematizes, informs, and analyzes to inspire, engage, and liberate its audience.Peter J. Hoffman, Julien J. Studley Faculty Fellow and assistant professor, The New School; author, “Humanitarianism, War, and Politics”

A New Global Agenda explores the most compelling issues of our time—from entrenched poverty and looming public health threats to climate and geopolitical instability. If you are looking for inspiration about what is possible, and for a challenge about what is still necessary to build a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world, here is a thoughtful guide.Angella Nazarian, co-founder of Visionary Women Nonprofit; founder of Angella and David Nazarian Social Innovator in Residence at Wharton School of Business

When I was a child, I wanted a Book of Wonders, where I would find answers to questions, even those I didn’t know I had. This may come as close as anything ever will.Jacki Lyden, author of “Daughter of the Queen of Sheba;” former NPR host and correspondent